What We Offer

The Services We Offer


Buy Data

We sell data at cheaper rates


Cable TV subscription

Make cable bills subscription easily.


Electricity bill payment

We pay electricity bills for our users.


Cryptocurrencies (BTC)

We buy and sell different cryptocurrency coins.


Airtime to cash

We convert excess airtime to money in your bank account


Branding and souvenirs

We supply souvenirs to parties for people.

Barato Incorporated

Key features of our company



At Barato Inc, we supply our customers with high quality yet budget friendly products. We sell our data cheap making it easily affordable for our customers.


Secure Means Of Payment

We provide a secure means of payment for our customers complete with pre-confirmation measures employed and instant feedback to prevent unnecessary loss of funds.


Customer Care Support

We provide an excellent customer service and friendly support to all our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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